Excerpt: Solo Tu

HER FIFTH AUTUMN IN AUSTRALIA wasn’t ending the way she’d planned. Sienna Rossi jumped to the left, almost tumbling onto the soft Clontarf Beach sand. A soccer ball flew past and landed in the shallow water. A young family of five played ball together and a little girl giggled, clinging to her father’s shoulders. Sienna… Read More Excerpt: Solo Tu

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Excerpt: Bella Notte

Piero Carter ran as if his life depended on it. Between the idiosyncrasies of German traffic and his cab’s flat tire, he was late. Beyond late. He was the photographer, and the photo shoot couldn’t very well start without him. No worries there. He prided himself on a level of professionalism, even if it had… Read More Excerpt: Bella Notte

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Excerpt: La Fiamma Sacra

The jet plane roared down the runway, wheels humming. Within seconds Riccardo Rossi was airborne. Despite the fact he was leaving the heat of Tuscany behind, and heading back to the cool English spring weather that May usually afforded, he didn’t mind. English summers were barely warm by his standards on a good day, just… Read More Excerpt: La Fiamma Sacra

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Excerpt: Ti Amo

Perspiration beaded Michael Young’s brow as he left the indoor court and headed for the showers. “Good game, guys. Good game.” He swiped at the moisture with his forearm. What on earth had made him think Americans were supposed to own the basketball courts? These Italians were certainly making him and Keith work hard to… Read More Excerpt: Ti Amo

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Excerpt: Rapsodia

Marco Carter would rather spend a day in a pit with snakes than an hour on a plane. Yet here he was, boarding the transatlantic flight from Frankfurt back to his beloved Texas. He’d already survived a flight from Florence to Frankfurt, but this one was going to be much longer. Unbearably longer. His gut… Read More Excerpt: Rapsodia

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Excerpt: Luna Rosa

Nicoló Carter, Nick to his friends and, well, just about everyone else if he had anything to say about it, finished adjusting the tuning peg of the shiny, black concert grand piano. This was the third of six pianos he was tuning today at the Kennedy Center. At nearly two hours per piano, it was… Read More Excerpt: Luna Rosa

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Excerpt: That’s Amore

No parent should ever have to bury a child, let alone all of them. Isabella Rossi gathered her shawl and wrapped it around her shoulders. She headed toward the front door of the enormous home which was too big for only her and Maria, who had been her trusted and faithful housekeeper for decades. Isabella… Read More Excerpt: That’s Amore